International Orders


International Orders

1.海外からSHEL’TTER WEBSTOREアクセスされますと、自動的に「WorldShoppingカート」が表示されます。
→詳しくは、 ワールドショッピングガイド をご覧ください。

<International Shipping>
※Please note some countries, areas, and products are not covered by this service.
1.When you access SHEL’TTER WEBSTORE from overseas, the “WorldShopping Cart” will be displayed automatically.
2.Add your favorite items to the WorldShopping cart.
Click “Add to Cart” of the WorldShoppinng banner to proceed to buy your favorite items.
The cart will only appear for items that can be purchased from your country.
→Explore WorldShopping Guide for More details.

詳細は ワールドショッピング の料金をご覧ください。
(※商品代金合計=(商品代金+日本国内送料)となります。 )

WorldShopping will charge 10% service on the “Total Product Price”*.
Once we deliver the product to WorldShopping, you will receive another payment request from WorldShopping containing International Shipping Fee, Handling Fee and Other Fees (If any).
See WorldShopping Fees for details.
(※Total Product Price=(Product Price + Domestic Shipping Fee in Japan). )

→詳しくは、 ワールドショッピング の買取・配送代行の仕組みをご覧ください。

About Overseas Delivery
You can request "Worldshopping'' to buy items on behalf of you and to have them shipped.
WorldShopping purchases Japanese products on your behalf and delivers them around the world.
→Explore How WorldShopping Purchases and Delivers As Your Agent to know more.

WorldShoppingの購入代行サービスは、お客様に代わりショップにて商品を購入するというサービスのため 一度注文した商品のキャンセル・変更はできません。
ご注文前によくご確認してご注文をお願いします。詳しくは こちら をご確認ください。

<Order Cancellation>
As WorldShopping buys a product on behalf of the customer, we cannot accept any changes in the order such as (order cancellation, returns) once an order has been placed with WorldShopping.
We request your understanding of the issue and please confirm all the product details before placing the order.
For more details, see here.

WorldShoppingへのお問い合わせは以下のリンクから可能です。 英語 簡体字 繁体字

<About Inquiries>
You can contact WorldShopping from the following links. English Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese