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We can ship internationally! *

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How to order from overseas

1. Create a account

If you don't have a account,you will need to first create a account to order from overseas on SHEL'TTER WEB STORE

Create a account

2. Start shopping

You are now ready to shop on SHEL’TTER WEB STORE!
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Browse through your favorite brands and start shopping!

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3. Find items

Once you have selected your item, choose your color and size in the below yellow column and click on the corresponding "カートに入れる" (Add to shopping cart)button.
FYI,"入荷リクエスト"means the item is currently unavailable.

Find items

4. Add to cart

  • 1. Click on the shopping cart icon to confirm your purchases at any time.
  • 2. Once you are ready for check out, click on the button to the right.
Add to cart

5. Fill in your parsonal information

If you haven’t been a member of SHEL’TTER WEB STIRE,fill in your personal information.
For Postal Code, Prefecture, Address, and Phone Number,Please use the information provided by Tenso.

“お名前" = Firstname, Last name
“フリカナ" = Firstname, Last name
“性別" = Gender
“ご住所" = Address
“郵便番号" = Postal code
“都道府県" = Prefecture
“市区町村番地" = Address
“建物名・部屋番号" = Apt./Unit Number
“お電話番号" = Phone Number
“メールアドレス" = e-mail

Fill in your parsonal information

6. Membership registration

If you’ld like to be a member of SHEL’TTER WEB STORE,choose the first option. Then you need to set a password and confirm it.

You won’t need to fill in your personal information next time.

Membership registration

7. Agreement and Confirm

After filling your information,

  • 1. agree to the "Terms of Use"
  • 2. Once you are ready for check out, click on the yellow button.
Agreement and Confirm

8. Select payment method

Select the second option to make a credit card payment.
Purchases can only be Visa, JCB, Master, Amex and Diners credit cards.
クレジット番号:Enter your credit card number here
有効期限:Expiry date(month and last 2 digits of the year)
お支払方法:One time payment/ revolving payment/ three time payment/ five time payment/ twelve time payment/
For foreign credit cards, please choose the first option here, as revolving payment is exclusive to credit cards in Japan.

Select payment method

9. Confirm your purchases and personal information

Confirm your purchases and personal information before checking out.

Confirm your purchases and personal information